photos by Steven Schreiber

Prior to Red, Pink, Black there were many iterations of what would become the final piece. Here are images and video (Right) of the Dixon Place performance from Jan. 22,23 2013 as well as videos from AUNTS at Littlefield July 2012 and Movement Research at the Judson Church, April 22nd, 2013.  

Performers Nicole Daunic, Stacy Grossfield, Joey Kipp, Rebecca Warner

photo by Maria Baranova

photo by Maria Baranova

While in residence at the New Museum through AUNTS in October 2012, we had the time and space to explore these blue costumes deeper. While not being able to see very well, we were able to go through the process of being in our bodies in a hyper-sensorial way of touch, feeling the room, it's objects and each other without seeing what it looks like.  

Performers: Nicole Daunic, Stacy Grossfield, Laura Grant

photos by Ryutaro Mishima

Sugar doesn’t live here

Performed July 20-30, 2011 at The studio, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Performers: Laura Grant, Stacy Grossfield, Bennett Harrell, Tracy Jennissen, Joey Kipp, and Heather Olson
Music designed by Tei Blow  
Sculptures by Eric Fertman


PRESS - NY Times Review , New Yorker Preview,    InfinteBody by Eva Yaa Asantewaa